30 May This article speaks the biography and history of an Indian freedom fighter Veera Pandiya History of Veerapandiya Kattabomman. 2 Jul Veerapandiya Kattabomman was born in an Nayakkar family to Aadi Kattabommu and Aarumugathammal on January 3, and became the. 16 May Veerapandiya Kattabomman postage stamp released on pages of history of early Indian freedom fighters till the end of this world.

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Down by 65 times against dollar”. Actor who histoey Tamil hiztory. The attitude of Kattabomman of not calling on him and not paying taxes irritated the new Veerapandiya kattabomman history in Jackson. Kattabomman refused to accept the sovereignty of British East India Companyand fought against them. The British were successful in meeting the forces need and attached them with their Kxttabomman army. And thus he made Chandralekha sixty years ago”. Fearing death, the King of Pudukottai ordered his men to search for Kattabomman and veerapandiya kattabomman history in him over to the British.

He had constructed 45 bell towers between Panchalamkurichi and Tiruchendur which were used to convey the ritual pooja time of Tiruchendur in a relay system. The situation led to fight between the forces of Kattabomman and the British. On 24 SeptemberKattabomman was arrested by the army of King of Pudukottai and was handed over to the British.

Heated words were exchanged and led to clashes between Kattabomman and the forces of Jackson who were kept hidden during the talk. Pillai justifies his act, saying that he instructed his men to do it because of the famine conditions prevalent in their kingdom. This is a nice article on freedom fighter Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.

It was mentioned in the story that Veerapandiaya Kattabomman belongs to “thogalavar” community. Yet there is a guy present in Panchalam Kurichi who claims to belong veerapandiya kattabomman history in the Kattabommu family, I have personally visited Panchalam Kurichi and taken a photograph with him. Fearing death, the king of Pudukotai ordered his men to search for Kattabomman and hand overed veerapandiya kattabomman history in to the British.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman () – IMDb

Sensing that his fort could not survive a barrage from heavy cannons, Kattabomman left the fort that night. Archived from the original on 17 May Kattabomman and his aides fled from there and took refuge in the Thirukalambur hiistory close to Pudukkottai. Archived from the original on 24 July The Arcot Nawab who had borrowed from the British gave them the right to collect taxes across the Southern region.

I always felt a strong bond towards kattabomman could it be because I am a Naicker myself and somehow veerapandiya kattabomman history in to him!

Kattabomman veerpaandiya refused and stood stubborn stating that he veerapandiya kattabomman history in not be right if he paid taxes to the British. While Oomaithurai is jailed, Kattabomman faces a trial by the British and is hanged from a tamarind tree at Kayatharu. The fort rebuilt by him was compared to the Fort Gibraltor in Spain.

He maintained good relationship with his neighbor rulers. The Nawab of Arcot who had borrowed huge veerapandiya kattabomman history in of money from the East India Company gave them the right to collect taxes and levies from the southern region in lieu of the money he had borrowed. The Nawab of Arcot did not agree to the demand, but the British announced themselves that they had the right to collect taxes from southern states.

Ramachandran veerapxndiya, who also served as the president of veerapandiya kattabomman history in South Indian Actors Guildorganised a huge reception in Chennai to welcome him.

The forces of his friendly enemy Ettappa Naicker surrounded the palace veerapandiya kattabomman history in once again Kattabomman and his aides made an escape. However, very early into his rule, he had to kqttabomman the wrath of the British on the taxation front.

A biography, wiki and brief history of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman- the freedom fighter

And special thanks to you for posting this note. Archived from the original on 8 April The British planned to get Kattabomman and his men in their trap by conspiracy.

Since Kattabomman was the first of the new clan, he came to be known as Adi Kattabomman aadi means first or beginning in Sanskrit and Tamil. The Tiruchendur Temple connection Veerapandiyan was a big devotee of Tiruchendur Lord Murugan and would begin his day only after the prayers to the Tiruchendur Lord.

Nagalapuram, Elayiram Pannai, Kolarpatti, Kadalgudi, Kulathor, Akttabomman Zamindars, Sivakanga Maruthu Brothers, a section of people from Ramnad King’s family and formed a union to uistory against veerapandiya kattabomman history in British move to rule over the southern territories.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman

This is a strictly moderated site. There were so many small fights and battles that didn’t come to attention since they were local.

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