Military Message Handling System (MMHS) is a profile and set of extensions to X. for messaging in military environments. It is NATO standard STANAG Find the most up-to-date version of STANAG at Engineering Switch ACP Gateway to STANAG & MMHS over SMTP. ACP is an older military messaging protocol, which remains in widespread use along with a .

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stsnag Exchange and do not provide X. In most situations Isode recommends use of directory configuration, which enables almost all configuration options to be controlled from the directory.

It is particularly important for High Grade messaging, where features of X. Isode provides both of the standardized protocols for integrating an MM-UA: This approach gives a number of advantages as configuration can be:.

A key operational requirement is partner interoperability, and this will generally involve interconnect with other networks, operating STANAG or other protocols. Details on stanxg X. ACP is the legacy protocol used for stanah formal messaging. Technical Architecture and Back-end Features]. Further details in the Isode whitepaper [ACP Statistics for message switching are provided using a Web interface to the Audit Database, that records information from one or more M-Switch X.

HAG products generally use X.

Military Message Handling System

It is often appropriate to provide special purpose applications using an MMHS infrastructure. Isode’s products for a military messaging solution feature:. This is often a practical approach for military solution providers. Isode recommends the SAFEmail.

STANAG 4406 Military Messaging

This enables use of any standards compliant MM-UA. Isode provides three server products that can be configured to fulfill a number of the componant roles outlined above.

Both tools are shown below:. SMTP email is widely used. High end management, including SLA monitoring can be provided by Sentrathe high-end management tool from Isode’s partner Insider Technologies. STANAG defines a number of functional and security features to support formal military messaging.

Isode provides a military directory solution, which is an important part of the Isode STANAG military messaging infrastructure for more detail see the separate page on Military Directory.

A separate product page gives a more general overview of M-Switch X.

STANAG Military Messaging

This API is ideal for applications and special purpose clients that require stanzg be connected to an MMHS infrastructure with a minimum of intervening software. Annex E architecture for communication over HF Radio, satellite and other constrained bandwidth networks. ACP has been defined in order to overcome this problem, and is a complete protocol definition for international inter-working. An example of statistics is given in the following screenshot that shows an analysis of message latency based on message precedence.

Exchange and earlier provide native X. This product includes an X. It serves as an intermediary between User Agents and the Message Transfer Agent, accepting delivery of messages on the user’s behalf and storing them for subsequent retrieval.

This is illustrated below. Components of this diagram to note:. MConsole’s tracking of messages is shown in the screenshot below.

S – The Wireshark Wiki

Key features of M-Switch X. More information on general product capabilities for military messaging can be found on the M-Switch X. A separate product page gives a more general overview of M-Store X.

Isode provides a cross-platform simple API, which enables an application to operate over a P3 or P7 connection as below. This provides a flexible mapping between MMHS and Internet Email, including full directory based configuration of the mappings.