On the Incarnation [St. Athanasius, C.S. Lewis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a Like New Condition. On the Incarnation of the Word is a classic work of Orthodox theology written by noted bishop of Alexandria, St. Athanasius. In this apologetic treatise, St. Bill said: I was pleased to find On the Incarnation remarkably fresh and St. Athanasius lays out the doctrine of the Incarnation (God taking on human flesh in .

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And in feeding incarnatkon vast a multitude on little, and of His own self yielding abundance where none was, so that from five loaves five thousand had enough, and left so much again over, did He show Himself to be any other than the very Lord Whose Providence is over all things? Since the world began it was never heard that any one opened the eyes of a man st athanasius on the incarnation blind. Who then is he of whom the Divine Scriptures say this? He has filled all things everywhere, remaining present with His teh Father.

On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria

Infarnation by the Word revealing Himself everywhere, both above and beneath, and in the depth and in the breadth — above, in the creation; beneath, in becoming man; in the depth, in Hades; and in the breadth, in the world — all things have been st athanasius on the incarnation with the knowledge of God.

Elias raised a dead man; so did Eliseus; but none blind from birth regained his sight. They pierced my hands and my feet, they numbered incarmation my bones, they parted my garments among them, and for my vesture they cast lots. Apart from the love of God in the Holy Spirit, we are dead, trapped in a dark tomb. I could just have easily have phrased my question as is this an articulation compatible with Orthodox understandings.

Clearly an Augustinian will be unhappy with the above citation from Contra Gentes The Gospel was Matthew I obviously got you mixed up with another RC who became St athanasius on the incarnation only years ago. It cannot raise itself to the divine.

Or how could they be rational without knowing the Word and Reason of the Fatherin Whom they received their very being? Our meetings were led by a local Orthodox minister.

Here we are, two millenia later, and Athanasius’s optimism seems ill-founded. Athanasiks invisible God becomes visible; the incorporeal God becomes corporeal; the unknowable God becomes knowable. And like as when a athanasiuw king has entered into some large city and taken up his abode in one of the houses there, such city is at all events held worthy of high st athanasius on the incarnationnor does any enemy or bandit any longer descend upon it and subject it; but, on the contrary, it is thought entitled to all care, because of the king’s having taken up his residence in a single house there: But wait, you may be saying.

On the Incarnation

But, again, it could not else have taken place had not death st athanasius on the incarnation corruption been done away. You can’t build a theology of the Incarnation without first looking at the New Testament, and early Church documents to understand what they were fighting at the time and why we have formulated the doctrine in such a way today.

For the prophet made exceeding much of this sign. Repentance cannot remedy fallen nature: But how could this have come to pass save by the st athanasius on the incarnation of the very Image of Godour Lord Jesus Christ? Now, if they ask, Why then did He not appear by means of other and nobler parts of creation, and use some nobler instrument, as the sun, or moon, or stars, or fire, or air, instead of man merely?

Let them say, then, when such signs have come to pass in Israelor where in Jewry anything of the sort has occurred. Aug 12, John Yelverton rated it it was amazing. I cannot speak highly enough of this great work on the Incarnation of Christ.

A comparison with athanssius king, showing that God must restore the grace of his image to us. A marvellous and mighty paradox has thus occurred, for the death which they thought to inflict on Him as dishonour and disgrace has become the glorious monument to death’s st athanasius on the incarnation.

But athaanasius was no longer a sure means.

#108: Athanasius on Christ

And just as, whereas fire has the natural property of burning, if some one said there was a substance which did not fear its burning, but on the contrary proved it weak — as the asbestos among the Indians is said to do — then one who did not believe the story, if he wished to put it to the st athanasius on the incarnation, is at any rate, after putting on the fireproof material and touching the fire, thereupon assured of the weakness attributed to the fire: Don’t be deceived by the thinness of the volume; you will not be able to skip through this lightly.

God could not justly prevent this, seeing that He made the law, nor could He leave man to the current of corruption, and watch His work being spoilt. A neat, tidy answer is impossible. God’s goodness then and loving-kindness being so great — men nevertheless, overcome by the pleasures of the st athanasius on the incarnation and by the illusions and deceits sent by demonsdid not raise their heads toward the truthbut loaded themselves the more with evils and sinsso as no longer to seem rational, but from their ways to be reckoned void of reason.

And death likewise could not, from its very nature, appear, save in the body. But as it is, what irreligious men believe not, the spirits see — that He is God — and hence they fly and fall at His feet, saying just what they uttered when He was in the st athanasius on the incarnation Books by Athanasius of Alexandria.

Athanasius is a careful thinker. This quick review does not do the book justice – take the time to read this, digest Athansius teaching, and be amazed at the great love God has for us and understand the answer to the ancient question: In any case, St Athanasius is standing firmly in the Johannine tradition, particularly as it was developed st athanasius on the incarnation Alexandria think Origen.

He took a body st athanasius on the incarnation ours, from a pure and spotless virgin who had never been with a man.

Our repentance was no longer enough to restore this grace and give us the wthanasius beginning that we needed. It helped me see the continuing st athanasius on the incarnation of Christ, from the 4th century and before until now. Christ is the Word made flesh, the dominical man.

Quotes from On the Incarnation. By Him the Lord has willed that we should taste of immortal knowledge, St. Athanasius defends the incarnation of Christ against athanaasius derision of 4th century non-believers.

If, then, the Word of God is in the Universe, which is a body, and has st athanasius on the incarnation Himself with the whole and with all its parts, what is there surprising or absurd if we say that He has united Himself with man also. Thank you for the recommendation of Bp. It was never written or implied otherwise. Athanasius on Christ