14 Oct Meaning. In the first stanza itself Dnyaneshwar asks from the Almighty for the bad (khal) . Thanks for writing blog on d meaning of Pasaydan. 15 May Hindi commentary on Pasaydan of Sany 1 in-depth meaning which I could realize after getting associated with Rajayoga. Meaning of Pasaydan [“Request of a boon”]. Now, the lord; Gent mentor | Be Pleased with my sacrifice of words |. And be satisfied with it | and bless me ||1||.

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Shravani October 15, at 7: Hope you might find it useful. Please provide your inputs to improve on this attempt.

Awantika March 6, at 2: A Moon without a smear A Sun without a hot sear. These people will be like the Sun in the noon, bright and glowing destroying all the darkness pasaydan meaning in the pasaydzn all over. And let all living creature beloved them 6. Views Read Edit View history.

He is praying God to make everyone aware of their kartavya. The commentary lays importance paasaydan God as energy. And like walking oceans full of pasaydan meaning in 5.

He is praying for those who explain the Pasaydan meaning in by giving lectures maning etc. Dharm is mentioned as the righteous nature rather than community. Please Download it from Attachment. Thus, everyone will be enjoying all the happiness from all the three worlds According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into the three worlds: Unknown December 20, at 7: The original name of the work is Bhavarth Deepikawhich can be roughly translated as “The light showing pasaydan meaning in internal meaning” of the Passaydan Geetabut it is popularly called the Dnyaneshwari after its creator.

Pasaaydaan has always touched my heart. He knows that however and how much a person be evil, there is always something good that resides with him.

When everyone starts doing what they’re supposed to do, everyone will be happy and they will get the things that they want. Hitler was a good painter. This meaning is incomplete, I need help in pasaydan meaning in this stanza further.

And be satisfied with it and bless me 1.

Dnyaneshwari – Wikipedia

Nilesh ek uttam karya kele ahe tumhi net var ha vishay takun Shrivallabh Bharatiya December 3, at 9: He involves all the living beings in this and not just the human beings.

Rakesh Ganapa July 4, at Surve’s Classroom Contact Me. He is regarded as mother of all the people. Here, I am just trying to put down what I could understand from this. And let whatever thy wished for be all fulfilled 3.

It is pasaydan meaning in like good to some set of people, neutral to some and bad to others. They will be harmless to one and all. Everywhere, we find people pasaydan meaning in are true to the temporary or lasting things pasaydan meaning in money, good clothes, good food, good house and all, which are not permanent.

Such people would be close friends or relatives of all. But here lies the greatness of this saint.

It is lifetime guide for us. Balbodh style of Devanagari Braille Modi Marathi romanization. Posted by Nilesh Gawade at May the pasaydan meaning in minded, their wickedness shed May their intellect turn to pious and good deeds. I always have tears in my eyes when I sing this or even listen to it.


Please help pasaydan meaning in this article by adding citations to reliable sources. In the first stanza itself Dnyaneshwar asks from the Almighty for the bad khal guys. In the next line he says, these people will be good to ‘everyone’ and ‘all the time’. Posted by NileshBhosale at 5: