Dhandha is the most common term used for business throughout India. The book on ‘Dhandha’ is a compilation of success stories of some Gujarati business. Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. ISBN: , Title: Dhandha: How. 5 Aug What makes the Gujaratis such an enterprising lot? How do they manage to create successful businesses? Dhandha, meaning business, is a.

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As recent forays into behavioural economics prove, most these traits are well deserved.

Two, unlike Rokda the book was written in first person and the I got onto this book after reading the fantastic ‘Rokda’ from the same publisher. Feb 26, Vedasri Siddamsetty rated it really liked it. This one definitely makes you want to read Shobha Bondre’s other works! Nothing in life comes easy – but if you work hard you shall succeed Dhandha is a very well written compilation of success stories of Gujarati businessmen in and dhandha how gujaratis do business the country.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks a lot Shobha. But there is no other community that fully embodies what the term stands for than the Gujaratis.

Book Review – Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business

Had started of the book thinking it dhandha how gujaratis do business a collection of short stories on how the Gujrati’s do business – but it actually turned out to be a collection of success stories of real Entrepreneurs with Gujrati background It is a heartwarming tale indeed. I found the book unputdownab A translation from Marathi. I’m a baniya dhandha how gujaratis do business and i want to become a business tycoon in future Thanks to Shobha Bondre who has already written it originally and translated by Shalaka Walimbe.

Though I liked the book, it had two major flaws.

I have heard a lot about this community but this book gives us insight of the success ingredients of Gujaratis.

Paperbackpages. A translation dhandha how gujaratis do business Marathi. Two, unlike Rokda dhamdha book was written in first person and the narrative shifted several times from the protagonist to the protagonist’s wife to the protagonist’s son and so on.

Great part is all of them started from zero and made themselves. Have doubts regarding this product? I am in a phase where I am finding contemporary Indian history interesting, which is why I breezed through Shobha Bondre’s ‘Dhanda’ in two days.

It all culminates into a page turner. Shreya Agarwal Certified Buyer 5 Jul, Apr 22, Anshul Goel rated it really liked it. Despite close cooperation from the businessmen and their families who seem to have generously opened up to the novelist-author, the book is nothing but a long narration of events. They came from less than privileged backgrounds and battle seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Dec 07, Binit Agrawal rated it it was amazing.

If half of us did our jobs or dhandha how gujaratis do business with half that passion, we would have dhandha how gujaratis do business written about us too! The translation is crisp and to the point.

Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business by Shobha Bondre

The best part of this book is that it keeps u intact till you read the whole book and learn how these great people worked their way in business. Zealous, driven, they only saw the miles they had to go before they could sleep.

Good book to read for all enterprising people. It’s really difficult to pick a favourite amongst all the inspiring stories in this book, but the particular rise of Bhimjibhai Patel and how he became one of the country’s biggest diamond merchants, is a tale that’ll stay with me for a very long time. Bondres profiles a select few among hundreds of entrepreneurs in India and abroad.

However, one dhandha how gujaratis do business which bo Refresh and try again.

Dhandha: How Gujaratis Do Business | Management Next

All this would lead you if you follow the pattern that has been followed by Gujarati community. These success stories describe that it is the simplicity, humbleness, relationship building and honesty that leads to success. The effort dhandha how gujaratis do business never go vain, even if the results take time to fruition. Other stories too are inspiring in terms that these people established themselves, being away from home and still attached to home through various initiatives like Jaydev who rebuilt 2 schools in his hometown.

Must read to reinstate your Wil. If you want it, you have to pay the price. Good book for all new entrepreneurs.