15 pin D-Sub (DB), 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD), 19 pin HDMI Type A, 4 pin USB Type A, 4 pin mini-DIN, 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9), RCA, RJ, mini-USB Type B. Buy BenQ SH DLP Digital Projector featuring ANSI Lumens Ultra-High Brightness, Full HD p Magnificence High Contrast Ratio. Review. Projector Model, SH Technology, DLP. Price, Brightness ( Manufacturer Claim), Brightness Description, N/A. Contrast Ratio, Projection.

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Brightness – The SH has a theoretical maximum brightness specification of 4, ANSI lumens, and our test sample put out 3, lumens in its Dynamic preset mode. Best of all, your SH is energy efficient. With lamps of this wattage, a lot of warm air has to be exhausted from the case. For a ” diagonal, the bottom of the image is 20″ above the centerline of the lens, so a coffee table placement works just fine.

Benq sh910 Bfnq can find 4,lumen p projectors for less money than the SH, but external speakers are often an overlooked expenditure and a wiring annoyance. Still, benq sh910 home theater enthusiast’s loss is the home entertainer’s benq sh910, and in large rooms, the SH will definitely impress your audience with bright HD images even in tough projection conditions.

BenQ SH910 DLP Projector overview

Trade In Your Gear for Cash. The good news is that the 1. Cabling benq sh910 computer to a projector is unsightly at best and a tripping hazard at worst. BrilliantColor not only improves color accuracy, it brightens secondary colors as well.

The difference benq sh910 be enough to save you from having to bring along a separate audio rig. Save with Epson Refurbished Projectors.

Finally, though both projectors offer a laser pointer built into their remote controls, the functionality and layout of the Benq sh910 remote benq sh910 superior to that of the THP. In large rooms, the noise level at full brightness will not be distracting because the projector is usually located a distance from the audience. Other factors like connectivity and optical benq sh910 were pretty much a wash except that the THP’s dual HDMI inputs made it easier to accommodate a second digital source without switching cables.

To ensure a smooth presentation on your part, BenQ has integrated various display functions into the SH to fit every need! The SH may not be designed for the subtleties of home theater, but it surely delivers home entertainment in the living room at midday. Set at nearly the top of its range, the default sharpness setting renders the benq sh910 slightly grainy with unnatural-looking edges.

BenQ SH910 DLP Projector

Both lack henq shift and horizontal keystone correction, but the SH has roughly twice benq sh910 image offset angle of the THP which may mean a shorter drop tube length for a ceiling mount. Of course, if the external amplifier ever fails, that on-board audio capability will come in handy. Authorized Integrators Choice Resellers. benq sh910

Keys are clearly labeled, and some are color-coded. There are no hot spots, and small typefaces are easy to benq sh910 even at maximum keystone compensation. Mounting a fixed projector has its own hurdles, and neither projector is strong in the mounting flexibility category although the SH’s 1.

Digging deeper, however, swung the needle in both directions, and we found that both projectors were solid performers with subtle benq sh910 important differences.

Be the first to review this item. LAN Control enables IT managers to perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively. Its other three preset modes had benq sh910 readings as follows: The SH can deliver i, p, i, p, p, i and p high definition signals from a satellite, a cable bena and Blu-ray discs.

But if you need every ounce of lumen power you can get, set the SH up using the wide-angle end of the zoom range. These speakers are sealed and secured within the projector housing by BenQ’s benq sh910 design to ensure projection stability at all times. Benq sh910 accuracy is paramount to a quality image. Presentation – 3, lumens, Cinema – 2, lumens, and sRGB – 2, lumens.

BenQ SH DLP Projector | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the sun is lighting up your living room even with the shades bemq, but your new BenQ SH is more than up to the task.

Only one menu is layered, and the most common image settings are grouped on a single menu so setup is accomplished quickly. Keystone correction can be set automatically or manually from either the remote control or the on-screen menu. But in living rooms, you may want ah910 use Eco benq sh910 to reduce noise, and you will still have almost 3, lumens available.

All in all, the SH has a solid optical design that is notable for its lack of visual ebnq. Installation Inflexibility – If you move the Benq sh910 from place to place, its lack of lens shift may be an issue as room layouts benq sh910.

Edge-to-edge focus is excellent with smooth scaling of images of other than It takes very little time benq sh910 get used to benq sh910 this remote without looking. Service Plans Open Box Products. The optics package for the SH is well designed.

Shortcomings Lamp Benq sh910 – A hour lamp life for a 4,lumen projector in normal mode is not unusual, but there are comparably priced projectors with longer lamp lives 3, hours. The audio output at 20 watts is designed for large gatherings, and the speakers are rock solid benq sh910 no buzz or rattle. Unlike the THP, the SH can avoid that potential entanglement with its optional hs910 capability.

Benq sh910 SH’s robust audio output coupled with the wireless convenience of fewer connecting cables is a powerful combination and trumps the s9h10 benq sh910 price of the THP. However, in the mobile presentation world, the SH is clearly the top choice even for the extra money it will initially cost you.

BenQ Projectors: BenQ SH DLP projector

One other factor that affects benq sh910 is xh910 zoom lens setting. And this is where the SH has an advantage. It is a shame that the SH cannot find a place in the home theater arena, but it is simply too bright for comfortable viewing in darkened rooms.

S910 of these units benq sh910 a new breed of p benq sh910 that put out over 4, ANSI lumens from relatively small packages. Even in Eco mode with full zoom, the lowest preset Cinema puts out over 1, lumens which is uncomfortably bright in a small, darkened room.